Minecraft on old Lenovo M58p

Friday, January 29th, 2016 by hinrich


I have purchased an old M58p and tried my luck to upgrade it somewhat. Swapping the hard drive for a SSD was fairly straight forward. However, getting to install Windows 10 and then finding the right drivers was a bit more challenging...

In the unlikely event that you are trying the same - or that you are also struggling to get Minecraft running on such a machine, you will know that there are issues with OpenGL and finding a working graphics driver for the Intel Q45/Q43 express chipset. The following driver works for me - even though the frame rate is not spectacular, it does work decently if you reduce your settings:

b2vdo11us14.exe - Intel Onboard VGA driver for Windows 7 (64-bit - old version from March 2010)
w4aud06us17.exe - ADI Audio codecs AD1988A and AD1882 driver
c3amt02us17.exe - Intel Active Management Technology driver

ThinkCentre M58p
Machine type: 6136

Good luck!

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