Svbtle error

Tuesday, February 11th, 2014 by hinrich

Svbtle error

I still very much enjoy the robustness and simplicity of BarracudaDrive. I have been using the software for my website for many years now and porting my data from my home-based NSLU2 server to a VPS server was surprisingly simple.

Still, I continue to keep an eye open for new developments. A few days ago I started working with Svbtle. It is an interesting approach to blogging and I very much like the simplicity. Furthermore, it uses Markdown syntax - something I use at work via OpenAtrium and personally via the small & very useful Android Wiki App Ema (unfortunately, further developments of the app seem to have stopped).

While I was busy writing a blog post on a new publication that will shortly appear in Nature Communications linked to more experimental data on how our compound Bedaquiline against Mycobacterium tuberculosis works mechanistically, I managed to invoke an error at Svtble. The message made me smile. It reminded me how difficult it still is to come up with error messages that actually help the user...

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