Dynamic Cruise Control

Wednesday, January 15th, 2014 by hinrich

Cruise Control

Back in 2008 I was wondering why we don't have a cruise control that aims to conserve fuel over maintaining a constant speed. While this already saves some fuel over regular driving, it was not optimized to preserve energy.

Today we have adaptive cruise controls that adjust the speed based on the distance of your car to the car in front of you. Newer developments also take into consideration maps of the local terrain. Still, they are not yet able to predict what kind of behavior is needed. As a result, the existing approaches tend to overreact to what is needed (e.g., when going up a hill).

Yesterday Ì saw an interesting article that seems to go into the direction I was hoping for. It describes developments at Ford referred to as Dynamic Cruise Control.

Interestingly, it also links to another aspect that I have also been wondering about four years ago: the concept of road trains - in the article referred to as "connected vehicles". However, the article does not discuss the energy conserving aspect of road trains - maybe this is something we will also see appearing over the coming years as we realize the idea of self-driving cars in an environmentally friendly way.

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