Freitag could even improve their story

Friday, August 23th, 2013 by hinrich


Yesterday I received my new "old" F77 bag. I must say, it looks like they do put effort into these bags. But the smell is quite irritating. According to Freitag this is going to fade away within a few weeks. One of our kids promptly identified the shoulder strap as a used car seat belt...

While the company story is very prominent on their web site, the accompanying product documents, etc., I think they could even go a step further and e.g., provide the buyer with a picture of the original tarpaulin, possibly the kind of goods that were transported with the truck, how old it was and how many kilometers it has been on the road, etc. All these pieces of information are easily captured nowadays (even at the source = the suppliers of their materials). At the same time, those seemingly minor details could increase the attachment to their products and even increase the warm fuzzy feeling of contributing to recycling.

And it would certainly provide you with a fun alternative of starting a conversation vs. talking about the weather...

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