Monday, July 29th, 2013 by hinrich

gillies jones

During our holidays in England we visited the glass makers gillies jones in Rosedale Abbey. They have specialised in creating glasswares that are blown by Stephen Gillies and engraved by Kate Jones. As Kate was away ;-) we got the chance to chat a bit with Stephen about his profession and how he has been able to combine his craftmanship with art.

This reminded me about the work of my sister and her husband who are both violin makers. However, for them it is very difficult to include art into their work. People expect a certain shape / design / sound from a violin and are very afraid to experiment.

This got us into discussing people's expectations. It is remarkable how much we would like to be perceived as being open-minded but when it comes to a certain context, we have very clear expectations (= boundaries in our mind).

A violin maker designing an instrument that sounds perfectly fine but has a Polka Dot design (like Emma Bridgewater's mugs) is just not right. A violinist playing rock musing after a classic piece of music results in people leaving the concert. A famous violinist playing in the New York underground is not looked at. And how about popular singers like Guus Meeuwis I mentioned last time? We all expect him to sing his well known songs over and over again...

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