Paul J Lewi has died

Monday, September 03th, 2012 by hinrich

Paul Lewi

I have just learned from my colleague that Dr. Paul J. Lewi has died on August 28th. I have known Paul from his introduction to partial least squares, the numerous discussions on finding new applications for his spectral map approach - especially for gene expression data - and various scientific discussions.

While I have not known Paul very much personally, I have always valued his insights and broad overview of statistical concepts - something that is very important for me as a non-statistician who relies heavily on statistical techniques to analyze and interpret the biological data we generate.

Spectral mapping - you can find more info on a web site that he has created together with Luc Wouters here - has become a fundamental tool in my work with high dimensional data. Starting out as a tool for QC, it has quickly moved into providing us insights into biological effects within high dimensional data sets. Nowadays we are exploring the use of spectral mapping for defining metagenes. In other words, we continue to rely heavily on his work - maybe the best way to remember Paul.

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