Dagstuhl seminar approved

Friday, August 10th, 2012 by hinrich

Schloss Dagstuhl

During my vacation I received an email informing me that our proposal for a seminar at Dagstuhl has been approved. This is really great news as it will give us a great opportunity to invite scientists to go into an interdisciplinary discussion on how we can combine assay data, molecular profiles and chemical structures to aid in early stage drug design. Accordingly we have called the seminar Computational Methods Aiding Early-Stage Drug Design.

The content of the seminar is closely linked to the approval of the IWT project that I had applied for in September of 2011. Given the polypharmacological effects of compounds and the increasing amount of preclinical data on these structures, I find it important to thoroughly explore to what extent we can identify potential links that can help medicinal chemist develop compounds that have an improved profiles of desired vs. undesired effects.

I have been to Schloss Dagstuhl in 2009. It is located in an 18th century castle and is renowned for the high-quality workshops on current research topics in computer science. I hope we will be able to attract a number of good scientists in the field so that we can insure a good discussion.

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