Errors when installing lme4 for R version 2.15.0

Tuesday, June 26th, 2012 by hinrich


I have just moved to R 2.15.0 and needed to make use of the R package lme4. This kept failing for me with the following message:

/usr/bin/ld: cannot find -llapack

Initially I tried various ways of loading lme4 from R-forge, CRAN, ..., but eventually I stumbled over the comment that I may have the run-time, but not the development packages. So installing those via

sudo apt-get install r-base-dev

did the trick. Now lme4 works!

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Diarylquinolines against ATP synthase

Sunday, June 24th, 2012 by hinrich

Structure of TMC207/R207910

A few new articles have appeared over the past months related to TMC207 (Bedaquiline) as well as the class of compounds (diarylquinolines) that TMC207 belongs to.

Segala et al. looked at the interactions of TMC207 with the mycobacterial ATP synthase. Using various in vitro TMC207-resistant mutants from M. tuberculosis and diverse atypical mycobacteria, they gathered experimental data on the molecular interactions between TMC207 and the proton-binding site of C-ring of the ATP synthase.

My colleagues published end of May information on how the class of the diarylquinolines may be used to inhibit the ATP synthase of other Gram-positive bacteria. This is important work given the need of new antibiotics and since we had shown that the ATP synthase is a possible antibacterial target. The recent publications shows that it may be possible to utilize this class of compounds without drifting away from the ATP synthase as the target.

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BarracudaDrive on a VPS

Sunday, June 24th, 2012 by hinrich


Well, I did the move to version 4.9.2, but for whatever reason the NSLU2 has become quite unresponsive using SlugOS vs. the old UnSLUng. As I do not have much time at the moment for trouble shooting (things at work are changing a lot for me at the moment), I went ahead, installed BarracudaDrive on a VPS and migrated everything over.

Even though things are not completely sorted yet (e.g., the logo has reverted back to the default and I do not know why), BarracudaDrive seems to run just fine in the new environment as well.

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