Upgrading to BarracudaDrive 4.9.2

Thursday, March 29th, 2012 by hinrich


After approximately four years of running BarracudaDrive from Real Time Logic on my NSLU2 without a single problem - all the issues I have had were either related to my own mistakes or problems of my internet service provider - I have finally found the time to upgrade the software to version 4.9.2.

It took quite some time to get everything right - the original version dated from 2008 and was version 3.9 - the original was using UnSLUng and the new relies on SlugOS - in other words, quite some things have changed in the meantime, but after some puzzling I got it sorted.

The original statement by the folks from RealTimeLogic said: "Technically, the server should run 24/7 for a good 20 years." Well, I have managed the first four years with no problems whatsoever. So, let's see how things will be the next four years... ;-)

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