Switching to ext3 for my external N3200PRO backup

Sunday, November 13th, 2011 by hinrich


Even though the configuration for my data backup works, I really got annoyed that I need to always do a complete copy of everything. Rsync cannot just copy those files that were changed on my external FAT32-formatted hard disk.

Therefore I went back to formatting the hard drives using the Linux file system ext3. Now I am using the following command:

rsync -av --delete --progress --modify-window=1 --max-size=4GB /raid/Music /raid/USBHDD/usb4/

This should make things easier I hope. Why did I not use this from the beginning? I thought that in case my NAS would break I may want to have the ability to directly mount the disk under Windows. This is of course easier with a FAT32-formatted hard drive.

However, having used the N3200PRO for a while and having experienced the utility of a home server for the whole family, I am very much inclined to replace the NAS in case it would break. As the majority of NAS boxes use Linux, I plan to only replace my N3200PRO with a Linux-based device and then the formatting of my backup hard drive is not an issue anymore.

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