Signs of cultural differences

Tuesday, June 21th, 2011 by hinrich

langere remweg

A wise statement: when looking at a culture, avoid judging what you see. Often you will realize that things are not better or worse, but different. And they still work.

It intrigues me to see that beyond differences in culture, there are regularly also emphases on aspects of society that reflect such differences. You can note them when you stumble across things you are not used to see in other countries.

An example: The Netherlands has a very good road infrastructure. Regularly the top asphalt layer is replaced. Afterwards a sign is placed warning drivers that the road surface has been renewed and as a consequence it will require a longer stopping distance (“bituplaning”). Why do you not see such signs in more countries? Is it demonstrating technological expertise and progress? Is it reflecting a genuine concern for the safety of the road users? Or simply a great business idea by the producer of the road signs?

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