Een kaartje van Unox II

Sunday, June 26th, 2011 by hinrich

Unox kaartje electronics

I could not resist but had to take the card apart... What a waste: x many times (how many "copies" of this advertisement were produced?) two batteries, electronics, some kind of a speaker and all just to grab the attention of the customer...

Having complaint to Unox/Unilever resulted in an email where they write that they are sorry ("Het spijt ons te vernemen dat u een klacht heeft over de Unox 'muziekkaart'."). Have a close look at the different world views that are crashing into another: they will clearly upset the people who are pro environment and durability. On the other side they attempt to target people who have little time and are concerned about the amount of vegetables they (and their families?) are eating. I wonder: who is concerned about that? And how likely is it that especially those customers do not care sufficiently about the environment that they would think that such a door-to-door flyer would be okay to do and a great idea?

What is most irritating to me is the sentence where they claim that they have - naturally (!) - looked at the most durable way to bring their message across ("Natuurlijk hebben wij hierbij gekeken naar de meest duurzame manier om dit te doen."). Really?

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