Een kaartje van Unox

Thursday, June 09th, 2011 by hinrich

Unox kaartje

How bad can marketing get? Yesterday a door-to-door flyer from Unox (Unilever) arrived at our home. While I do not mind getting paper-based advertisements (at least they can be recylced), this one tops everything: I now received hazardous waste from Unilever with a clear sign on the back side that this advertisement card may not be put into our household waste. This is really what I have been waiting for. Having to dispose off special waste from Unox.

Why? It includes a battery and electronics delivering not a printed but a spoken message. Yes, this is innovative marketing. Yes, it grabs your attention. And yes, they seem to think that getting the consumer's attention justifies their choice of advertising medium. But how on earth can you justify sending such electronic waste to I do not know how many households in the Netherlands? Only on Tuesday I have been listening to Graham Cross (Director of Supplier Innovation at Unilever) stating that Unilever intends to double the company size while not increasing their ecological footprint. Right...

Well, maybe they got some new customers this way. They certainly lost one with me.

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