Improved Twonky Media module for the N3200PRO

Sunday, May 15th, 2011 by hinrich


Waiting for the new module was worth it. Thecus has released an updated version of the Twonky Media server. The new version is based on Twonky Media server 5.1.7 and is dated March 21st. With a Disk Power Management setting of 60 minutes under "Storage" -> "SATA" the hard disks in the NAS will now go into standby.

I have changed the "Rescan in minutes" settings for the Twonky Media server under "Basic Setup" -> "Sharing" to 0 which disables automatic rescans. As I do not update my media so frequently I have no problems to initiate the rescan manually.

With this improvement in place I have setup the N3200PRO the way I want it. My web site server is the incredibly powerful NSLU2 which is doing its job with no problems for four years in a row. Now I am of course curious how long the Thecus NAS N3200PRO will work flawlessly.

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