Dilution of undesired compound profiles

Wednesday, April 20th, 2011 by hinrich

Dilution of undesired profiles

Last year I discussed the potential use of having more than one medicine working on the same target. As different structures will have different polypharmacology (where else can they bind besides the desired target?), we could focus on those side effects and define which molecule could best be tolerated by a patient (Personalized medicine for side activities)

Along these lines is a slightly different approach: instead of matching a single medicine with a minimal undesired profile we could attempt to administer two compounds working on the same target at smaller doses for each. Conceptually this would result in a comparable modulation of the target while diluting the undesired profiles of both compounds.

Furthermore, the approach would require measures for compound differentiation. Here we would want to ensure that the polypharmacology of the two compounds are clearly different. Furthermore, it would also require that multiple compounds are developed and approved for a given target.

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