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Wednesday, April 13th, 2011 by hinrich

Seth Godin's blog

I have just seen a blog post by Seth Godin with the title "Bring me stuff that's dead, please". It reminded me a lot about the technology hypes that we are confronted with in the area of molecular profiling.

In analogy you could state: "RTqPCR is dead. Microarrays is dead. Sanger sequencing is dead". And indeed, the curiosity factor has been satisfied for these technologies in a similar way as they have been for the likes of RSS, blogs, or the web.

I particularly like his statement: "Only when an innovation is dead can the real work begin". For me it means: now we know how the technology works. We know how to run the right experiments to obtain useful data. The technology has matured to a scientific tool. Let's use it to create scientific insights.

It is the scientific knowledge we are creating in a sound and reproducible manner - not, how we create it. Technology is a means to an end, not an end in itself.

Seth closes his blog post with the comment: "The drive-by technorati are well-informed, curious and always probing. They're also hiding... hiding from the real work of creating work that matters, connections with impact and art that lasts. I love to hear about the next big thing, but I'm far more interested in what you're doing with the old big thing."

I could not agree more.

You can find the complete blog post of Seth Godin here.

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