4th La Calestienne

Thursday, January 20th, 2011 by hinrich

4th La Calestienne

Drug discovery is a pre-clinical activity that takes approximately five years until a new medical entity (NME) is developed. Several aspects of this process need to be optimized. We have identified the following problems that we would like to address with a new research & development project:

• the time gap between the selection of a lead compound and the detection of side effects
• missed opportunities of deselecting compounds that might initially have a poorer target-related activity but a preferable side activity profile
• the lack of cellular activity assays during the early stages of drug discovery

The new project has been proposed to the Flamish IWT. If accepted, we will aim to make the first steps towards addressing these problems by linking whole genome expression profiling with chemical properties. The two year project will focus on the analysis of a few chemotypes (chemical core structures) to assess whether compound-induced changes in transcriptional activity could aid in the optimization of chemical structures.

For this we will meet at La Calestienne in February to brainstorm our initial experimental approaches and discuss possible statistical and data analytical approaches.

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