Next-gen sequencing for clinical microbiology

Tuesday, December 21th, 2010 by hinrich

Structure of TMC207/R207910

Koen Andries pointed me recently to a publication by Pallen et al. in the October issue of Current Opinion in Microbiology. The article reviews the opportunities and challenges of using next-gen sequencing in the context of clinical microbiology. Applications such as studying pathogen biology and evolution, profiling of complex microbial communities, pathogen discovery, etc. are discussed.

In the context of translational research the authors mention our work on TMC207/R207910:

Whole-genome sequencing provides a rapid and convenient method for identifying the genetic determinants of resistance to antimicrobial agents. In a pioneering study, high-throughput sequencing of mycobacterial genomes pinpointed the mutations responsible for resistance to a new antimycobacterial diarylquinoline, thereby revealing the mode of action of the agent.

You can find the PubMed abstract and a link to the article here. Our original Science paper identifying the ATP synthase of Mycobacterium tuberculosis as the target of TMC207/R207910 can be found here.

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