Working on a second IWT grant

Monday, November 22th, 2010 by hinrich

Masterclass BioBusiness 2010

Early November we had a final meeting for our current IWT grant on compound profiling and response prediction. Our meeting was combined with a workshop on biclustering. Biclustering has been at the core of this project. The aim of the two year effort was to prepare the experimental and data analysis procedures to identify groups of different chemical compounds that share the induction of similar biological effects in a cell. These compounds had shown activity in a phenotypic screen.

I am now busy writing the application for a second two-year project. While the first one looks into effects of different chemotypes (=chemical backbones), the new project will focus much more on distinct chemotypes. What are the relations that we can see between compound-induced alterations in gene expression and chemical modifications of a chemotype?

The new project will be even more interdisciplinary than the current project as we need to combine the expertise of molecular biologists, data analysts, bioinformaticians, chemoinformaticians, biostatisticians, IT specialists and chemists. Furthermore, we will have a network of collaborators from multiple universities in a number of different countries. Now I just need to keep my fingers crossed that the proposal will actually be approved...

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