Masterclass BioBusiness 2010

Thursday, October 07th, 2010 by hinrich

Masterclass BioBusiness 2010

Starting next week I will attend the Masterclass BioBusiness. Between October 2010 and May 2011 I will get further education on the business side of the biotech business. Together with the Nyenrode Business University this course is organized by the Dutch Biotechnology Association. It covers six blocks: running a business and business plan | personal development and IP | business development, contracts and product development | finance | leadership and media training | presentation of a business plan.

I was made aware of this course during my participation in the NGI Venture Challenge and at the last "Lifesciences @ Work" workshop. I am looking forward to working together with the 19 other attendees and to further deepen my understanding of the different elements of the biotech industry as well as expanding my professional network in the Netherlands.

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