We will rock you?

Wednesday, September 01th, 2010 by hinrich

We will rock you

Yesterday we have been to the commercially exploited general repetition of the Dutch version of the Queen musical “We will rock you” at the Beatrix Theater in Utrecht (premiere on September 3rd). What promised to be an entertaining story combined with popular Queen songs turned out to be largely disappointing.

Shortly after the beginning technical difficulties produced something reminiscent of what we know as a dead pixel on a LCD screen. However, it looked like a completely defective screen that continuously distracted the attention away from the performance on stage. Yes, the music was great, but the story reminded me a lot of the German saying “Reim dich oder ich fress' dich”: a story had to be invented to fit the most popular songs.

For a long time I was wondering whether the intention of the author of the story (Ben Elton) was to make fun of the musical genre. Then there were times when the performance seemed very serious. I am not sure. I will settle for a bad story.

The evening set us back 50 Euro per ticket. My recommendation: buy a good Queen CD and invest the rest in a good music system. You will enjoy it much more than visiting this show.

And if this represents contemporary entertainment (completely scripted / no interaction with the audience / no spontaneity / even the encore is planned and performed irrespective of the response of the audience), I do not want to see it.

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