Personalized medicine for side activities

Friday, July 02th, 2010 by hinrich

Most of the discussion linked to personalized medicine centers around the desired effects of a drug. If I have a disease and I need to take medication, which medication would be most efficacious for me?

Why do we not also focus a lot on side effects / side activities? And markers for these side activities? I am not talking about toxic effects that are not desirable, but rather effects of the drug that could also be beneficial for some patients. We already know that the majority of compounds have on average 6 targets. These other targets do not necessarily have to be all linked to toxicity.

If that is the case, we can deduce another consequence: even equipotent compounds and probably also slightly inferior compounds should be developed to commercialization to ensure a repertoire of drugs for a given indication that can be optimal for a certain patient population.

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