Monday, May 24th, 2010 by hinrich


I am back from my holidays in South England. During the 14 days of family activities I had little time to continue writing on the first working papers. While I enjoy writing a small blog (and I do intend to continue to do so), I dislike the fact that the entries are static. I was looking for a concept to adjust / correct / improve topics over time.

My solution (so far) is small documents on topics that I intend to revisit over the coming months. Another reason for writing them is to publish scientific opinions and observations without going through a review process. Not that I dislike the idea of peer review, but I do see that this results in a threshold that only the most relevant observations pass. This is a pity especially for the smaller observations that therefore would normally remain unpublished. Furthermore, it will allow me to develop opinions over time and get feedback early on.

Why the bizarre name "Zupflog"? Well, I wanted to come up with an original name. It was supposed to be linked to blogging (this is where the "log" part comes from) and should reflect the fact that these documents represent a very personal selection of topics. That's why I picked "zupf" - German for picking. And for the Germans: The fact that it sounds very similar to "Zupfbox" is just coincidence. The name "Zupfbox" is sometimes used for the box that contains paper tissues...

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