Summer break

Saturday, July 25th, 2009 by hinrich


School holidays have started in our area in the Netherlands and we will be taking two weeks off. This also means that I will take much less time to write emails...

As always, we have ended our musical season with four little "open air" concerts in the neighborhood. It was fun and luckily the weather was good enough that we did not have to cancel any of them.

The book is out and the first emails are coming in. Now we need to work on the web site a bit so that our readers are not frustrated to find very little content. Besides publishing all the R code, we intend to also add new paragraphs/subsections that did not make it into the book (e.g., more about Affymetrix' new GeneTitan instrument, a bit more on normalization when very many genes change, new summarization techniques such as Frozen RMA, ...). But now it's time for a summer break for all!

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