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Monday, March 23th, 2009 by hinrich

C&H Draft cover for the book

Wednesday we will hand in the manuscript after incorporating the changes of the proofreader. Writing this book has been quite an experience - especially as we did most of it ourselves. Besides writing the text, of course, we also drew most of the figures, fiddled with the layout, learned a lot about Latex and had some input on the design of the cover.

As it is nowhere else really possible, maybe here on the Internet is a place to thank all the software authors of the many useful open source programs that we utilized for this project: The Gimp for all the bitmapped graphics, Inkscape for vector graphics and the easy way of making fancy looking graphs with transparency - even though this resulted in last minute panick as there has been a change from Adobe Acrobat version 7 to 8 by which the transcparency effects were lost... -, the marvelous WYSIWYM editor LyX for writing the book and providing a front end to the powerful Latex engine, JabRef for keeping track of our references and last but not least R and Bioconductor for giving us the tools to do gene expression data analysis.

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