Schloss Dagstuhl

Friday, February 27th, 2009 by hinrich

Dagstuhl Seminar

Last week I have attended the seminar "Similarity-based learning on structures". Even though there were very many links to biological problems, it was quite a challenge to follow all the presentations and discussions as the field of machine learning is quite distant from my molecular biology education. Still, the discussions, the new contacts and especially the venue Schloss Dagstuhl made this one of the best seminars I have attended.

While it would lead too far to mention everything that I learned, here are some of the remarks that were made during the seminar - they might be common sense to some people, but I find them important to keep in mind:

Even though there were some people from non-academic institutions and industry present, the clear majority of the participants came from academia. It is unfortunate that the scientific exchange between academic and non-academic scientists is not more common as both sides could really benefit from such scientific brainstorming exercises.

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