Home web server behind ADSL

Sunday, January 18th, 2009 by hinrich


As I had mentioned in an earlier post, my "web server" is a NSLU2 which uses two USB memory sticks (= no hard disks) and consumes very little power. The disadvantage of such a small server is that it is not very fast. I tried to make the web site as small as possible with respect to data transfers. The server essentially only serves text while all the images are hosted by ImageShack. That should enable "ok" response times from a low-traffic web site.

However, over the last couple of weeks traffic had increased and the response times went down. What could be done? I looked at my setup and realized that the server was not directly linked to my ADSL router, but upstairs connected via another rather old router. Therefore I moved my "slug" downstairs today and connected it directly to the ADSL router. And ... response times are much faster again! Hopefully this will be sufficient with my current ADSL speed.

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