Data disaster II

Tuesday, May 13th, 2008 by hinrich

We should not only keep an eye on our short term data security. Also thinking about long term use of data should be an issue. While many people will think about a last will the older they get, only few people will think about what will happen to their data once they die. What data would you want to hand over to a relative - like an old family chair? Or is there no need? Is data really only for the living? Think about inheriting a 500 GB hard disk from your mother - not filled with one big video, but rather with thousands of pictures, emails, text files, etc. Are you going to look at all of these? Or would you rather just keep copying (= preserving) them, until "someday" you might find time to sort them out? I think, we should early on start keeping a central place for access to our online identity (e.g. a KeePass file on your home PC), so that our relatives can access our data. Furthermore, we should have in one very obvious location a folder containing a limited number of files, we consider very important about ourselves, which we would like to had over to be preserved for future generations.

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