Future of bioinformatics

Friday, April 04th, 2008 by hinrich

Miniaturization combined with advances in computer technology lead to measuring more and more data of the same sample. All current molecular profiling technologies (e.g. transcriptomics, metabolomics, SNP analysis, etc.), but also techniques like RTqPCR (from single tube assays to multiplex to 96 well plates to 384 well plates to ...) or simply measuring ODs (one used to measure single ODs like OD260 or OD280, but now within a second one gets the whole spectrum) benefit from this development. While this looks nice initially, it makes clear how important it is to put efforts into providing people with the tools (software) to interpret this wealth of data. Currently technology providers are much faster in developing higher and higher data density per measured sample than statisticians are able to provide programmers with the right tools for data analysis.

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