While my blog reflects my current thoughts and ideas, I find it important to revisit and expand topics over time. Instead of modifying internet pages, I have chosen to write little documents using LyX and publishing them as PDFs here on this page.

What does the name "Zupflog" mean? It is a combination of two words: "log" is my link to blog and "zupf" is a German word for picking. And since these reflect my personal selection of topics the combination created the word...

If you would like to comment on any of the topics or if you would like to urge me to work more on one of the topics, please leave me a reply below.

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  • Writing camera-ready for CRC Press using LYX - if you plan to publish a book together with CRC Press, you may want to try LyX. This document is written in LyX using the CRC Press style. I attempt to capture all relevant information so that you can setup a system that allows you to generate a camera-ready manuscript for this publisher.

  • Molecular Biology

  • Creating knowledge from molecular biology data - we generate more and more data. What can we do to facilitate the translation of this data into knowledge?
  • Next gen sequencing vs. 3rd gen sequencing vs. microarrays - after microarrays allowed us to measure very many biomolecules of a single sample simultaneously in a quantitative way next-gen sequencing promises to increase the dynamic range of the measurements further. Or should we better wait for 3rd-gen sequencing?

  • Upcoming

  • Future 'omics technologies - why do we have to develop new data analysis techniques every time a new 'omics machine is invented? Would it not be smarter to capture the experience we have gathered in a document and encourage developers of a new technology to try to keep those considerations in mind while they develop a new technology? Maybe wishful thinking, but we can always try... ;-)
  • Planned

  • Reorganize Pharma - it seems that the current model of how the pharmaceutical industry runs its business can not continue much longer. At the same time there are a number of diseases that are still in need of medicines that actually improve the disease rather than easing the symptoms. How could a different model look like?
  • Data interpretation using spectralmap analysis
  • Affymetrix microarrays on GeneTitan vs. cartridge system
  • Pathway analysis using Gene Ontology biological process grouping of gene products
  • TMC207/R207910